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Recycled Office Furniture: Good for the Environment, Good for Your Business

OFW in Pittsburgh, PA carries used and recycled office furnitureRecycling paper, glass, aluminum cans and other everyday products is now standard practice in homes and offices across America. But many consumers are unaware that office furniture is also a recyclable product. Think about it. The basic structure of most office furniture has a long life span. Instead of wearing out, it is often replaced because it has been depreciated completely and/or fabric colors and other elements are outdated over time. In the past, an office face-lift or a new color scheme meant old furnishings were given a life sentence in storage or doomed to the dumpster. Not any more.

Today, Office Furniture Warehouse and companies like them, supplies high quality pre-owned used office furniture, like our used workstations and used office chairs to the marketplace. This process diverts some of the pre-owned office furniture out of the solid waste stream and back into the consumer market. Furniture destined for the dump is instead looking great and functioning “like new” again. Not only does quality pre-owned furniture look and perform similar to new furniture, there is an average savings of 80% when compared with new. Office Furniture Warehouse’s quality, pre-owned office furniture and¬†remanufactured office furniture offers an attractive alternative to purchasing new product. Whether you’re buying quality pre-owned or remanufactured office furniture, you can be assured of a quality product, a cost effective product and most importantly, an environmentally – conscience product. What’s good for the environment really is good for your business.

What is Recycled Office Furniture

As a consumer, you have several options available to you when selecting office furniture. Below is a brief description of the different types of product on the market.

Recycled Office Furniture

Recycled office furniture is a term often used for any post-consumer office furniture that has been diverted out of the solid waste stream and back into the market with or without repairs. This includes remanufactured, refurbished, and as-is office furniture, all of which are being “used again.

Remanufactured Office Furniture

Remanufactured office furniture is recycled office furniture that has had value added to the product. Products are completely disassembled, parts are inspected, cleaned, repaired or replaced, reassembled and refinished to “like new” conditions, and returned to the market for sale.

Refurbished Office Furniture

Refurbished office furniture is recycled office furniture that has had value added to the product by being “touched – up” or cosmetically improved and then returned to the market for sale.

Used Office Furniture

Reused or used,” or “as-is” office furniture is recycled office furniture that has been returned to the market for sale without repair or improvement to its appearance.

Design Benefits

Office furniture that is refurbished and pre-ownedMany consumers are amazed at the options available when choosing quality pre-owned, recycled, and remanufactured furniture. Instead of a pre-determined selection of colors, fabrics and finishes, remanufactured and refurbished office furniture allows you and your designer complete creative freedom. If you can design it, Office Furniture Warehouse can help you achieve it. Redecorating your office but keeping the furniture? It’s easy to update your existing furniture to match any design and color scheme. Remanufactured furniture offers an almost limitless range of colors, fabrics, finished, and laminates to give you the ultimate flexibility.

Office Furniture Warehouse can also help you mix and match new and recycled furniture with your current furnishings to provide additional design options. Starting from scratch? No problem! You don’t have to supply furniture to buy recycled furniture. Office Furniture Warehouse can help advise you as to what types of furnishings will work best in your workplace and show you a range of options. The best part about working with Office Furniture Warehouse is that there are no “cookie cutter” Solutions. OFW takes into account your needs, your budget, and your taste to create just the look you’re after. Browse our selection of used office furniture now. If you’re looking for a custom work environment, Office Furniture Warehouse is for you!

Cost Benefits

We’ve established that recycled office furniture can look as good as new, but what about cost? After all, office furniture represents a major investment for most companies. At Office Furniture Warehouse we’re happy to report that buying remanufactured office furniture generally offers a savings of 30 to 50 percent off the cost new furniture and quality pre-owned furniture generally offers a savings of 70 to 80 percent off the cost of new furniture. First of all, you won’t have to pay expensive storage or waste disposal fees for your outdated furniture. Secondly, you may have additional depreciation advantages to extending the life of your existing furnishings instead of incurring an additional capital expenditure. Recycling also sets a great example for your company’s employees. It shows that your firm is managing the company’s assets wisely and sends the message that conservation and waste reduction is an important corporate goal. Allowing Office Furniture Warehouse to furnish your office can be a attractive decision financially as well as aesthetically.

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