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Since the early 1900’s, Grand Rapids Michigan had come to be known as the Furniture City. In a city known for its mass produced wooden furniture, pioneers of the furniture industry such as Stow & Davis, Macey, and Metal Office brought a new idea of metal furnishings to the marketplace. With an increase in the American workforce and high rise office buildings, these metal manufacturers seen an increase in production of steel desk and seating.

Companies like Herman Miller and Steelcase wanted to make more efficient use of space. They hired engineers and designers to develop a more cost-effective solution or system to accommodate workers. This was the beginning of the cubicle. In the late 1950’s, Herman Miller developed a framework to surround their metal desk (AO1 – Action Office). Herman Miller then introduced AO2 which was based on Marcel Propst theory “facility built on change”. This theory believes that the right environment would not only motivate it’s occupants, but also encourage productivity. This concept exploded in the mid 1960’s.

Unlike the traditional steel desk, that has fixed files and requires the worker to adapt to it, cubicles can be custom made for maximum utilization by the employee who occupies the cubicle. No longer was a desk considered just a writing surface with a box for storing documents. A Desk is now considered a system that supports people and the tools with which they work their trade. Cubicles with it’s ability to extend the work area has contributed to the new accessories, telecommunication devices, reproduction equipment, and computers. The result is an office built around storage capabilities and the needs of each unique business.

While the Manufacturing of metal desks and workstations grew, so did the need for companies to market and distribute these products on a local level. This led to the inception of Office Furniture Dealerships. Office Furniture Dealerships usually represent one manufacturer and may choose to supplement gaps in their lines with the freestanding collection of their chosen manufacturer and/or with those of other furniture manufacturers. Furniture dealers only take possession of the furniture for a brief period of time. Dealers purchase furniture only when they are secure with the intentions of their end users. Each job is custom suited to the end user which explains why new furniture dealers rarely have new furniture available for immediate delivery. What new furniture dealers actually provide is service. They assure your product arrives on time, according to detailed specifications, is in good shape (no shipping damage), and is delivered and installed correctly.

Office Furniture Warehouse plays a unique role in the furniture industry. OFW has the ability to locate quality pre-owned and/or refurbished products best suited to their clients’ needs, without having to custom order it. Office Furniture Warehouse saves their customers time and money by having product available for immediate delivery with up to 80% off new furniture prices. The facilities & office managers that utilize Office Furniture Warehouse understand the tremendous value added benefit of purchasing high quality pre-owned furniture from us. Office Furniture Warehouse does not only quickly and cost effectively fulfill your furniture needs, but also employ the very same expertise (Probably More) as do the new furniture dealerships.

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