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Refurbishing, Recycling, Remanufacturing. These are words that just a few years ago meant little to facility managers. Today, they are common words meaning cost savings, aesthetic enhancement and environmental consciousness. Recycled office furniture is an industry, now more than ten years old, that has come of age. Earlier concerns about quality, long-term cost-benefits and impact on image have fallen away as more and more companies choose to refurbish rather than buy new.

Remanufactured workstations in Pittsburgh, PASystems furniture provides one of the best opportunities to upgrade office environments while reusing, rather than discarding, a valuable asset. Whether it be Steelcase, Haworth, or Herman Miller, this furniture is built to last, and it does. As one refurbisher has put it, “Quality furniture manufactures didn’t design obsolescence into their products. Their systems furniture doesn’t die, its colors and finishes just become outdated.” Refurbishing, using new fabrics and finishes to rejuvenate existing furniture, is an option that should not be overlooked. Buyers should consider the following financial, aesthetic and environmental benefits that refurbishing has to offer.

Office Furniture Warehouse offers remanufactured workstations from Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Haworth. These are the three dominant manufacturers for Grade A workstations. Even though all three companies produce workstations, there are some subtle difference in each. Steelcase’s main features are steel work surfaces covered with laminate, 3 or 4 circuit power system to distribute power, and the ability for any or all workstations to become completely freestanding.

Used and refurbished office furniture storeHerman Miller’s main features are quick assembly/disassembly time for quick and convenient installations & reconfigurations, 3 circuit power in AO1 and 4 circuit power in AO2, work surfaces are made out of laminate with either a vinyl t-edge or self edge finish. Haworth’s main features are panels with horizontal and vertical trim lines create an organized & high-tech look, Square edge pedestals with J-Style drawer pulls, and work surfaces made out of laminate with vinyl t-edge. Remanufactured workstations offer a unique blend of high quality product with an affordable price. What is the cost savings over new?

Office furniture that has been remanufactured to like-new conditionRefurbished and remanufactured office furniture will have an average savings of 30 – 50% over new product. In fact, refurbishing can often be achieved out of an annual expense or maintenance budget, rather than by using capital funds for new product. Even though it offers an affordable price, it does not compromise the integrity of the product or the functionality in today’s high-tech world. The following is typical of the remanufacturing process.

First, we prep the product to be refinished. We then apply a quality paint finish to the product to give it a look and feel of a new product. Next, the panels are re-upholstered in a fabric of your choice and a new laminate is applied to work surfaces to complete the design and coordination of your remanufactured workstations. All this time you will have an active role in selecting finishes to match whatever décor you choose. Last, but not least, buying remanufactured office furniture helps save the environment. By taking used product and remanufacturing it, we are recycling to help keep waste items out of landfills and incinerators. Also, there is less burning of fossil fuels, which are the primary cause of global warming, acid rain and smog, providing a cleaner living environment. With your purchase of a recycled product, you are making a commitment to not only yourself, but to society. Remanufactured workstations can meet your needs with a nearly limitless amount of designs and configurations without creating a large dent in your capital operating budgets. If you currently have remanufactured workstations, or are looking to match your existing ones, please don’t hesitate to call us at (412) 331-6711 or email our Pittsburgh Used Office Furniture center today.

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