About Refurbished Office Furniture

High Quality, Affordable Office Furniture Remanufactured In-House

At Office Furniture Warehouse, our entire remanufacturing process is handled by our in-house refurbishing team. OFW remanufactured office furniture brings businesses:

  • High quality that’s built to last
  • Design options and aesthetic enhancement
  • Significant cost-savings
  • Environmentally conscious options

Typically, small and medium-sized businesses looking for 25 or less workstations are the best candidates for this type of office furniture. And each year, more and more of these size companies utilize Grade A refurbished office furniture over purchasing new products due to their various benefits.

Built to Last

Refurbished office furniture systems provide businesses with like-new quality pieces from Grade A lines. At Office Furniture Warehouse in Pittsburgh, we remanufacture workstation systems from top manufacturers like Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth whose products are made to last. These lines are built to avoid obsolescence, can have new components installed, and can be updated with various design options.

Design Options

Refurbished office furniture allows companies to get a personalized, custom design that matches their brand or office space. Customers get to choose the fabrics and finishes to be implemented, ultimately giving them a unique design. In addition to these options, refurbished systems also receive new work surfaces, new file cabinets, re-painted trim, and more.

Cost Savings

Compared to Grade A new office furniture, refurbished typically brings a cost savings of 30-50% to businesses. When up against Grade B products, the cost savings usually comes in around 10-15%. This type of savings is massive for companies with a tighter budget who still want a high quality, Grade A system.


Environmentally Friendly

Refurbished office furniture is the most environmentally conscious option for companies looking to purchase or update existing office furniture. By going the remanufactured route, businesses help preserve natural resources and contribute to a cleaner living environment.