With Pittsburgh continuing to establish itself as a major business hub on the East Coast, many companies are relocating, expanding, or starting up in the region. But regardless of industry or size, organizations oftentimes find themselves struggling to get the right office furniture in place for their employees due to large upfront costs, rapid growth, technological changes, and more.

This is where renting office furniture in Pittsburgh can be a major help to businesses. It’s not right for every company, but leasing provides some flexibility and cash flow benefits that help get organizations the right Pittsburgh office furniture solutions without having to break the bank.

Let’s look at a few main reasons why renting office furniture in Pittsburgh may be a better option over purchasing.

Eliminating Massive Upfront Costs

Purchasing new office furniture is a financially daunting task for many businesses as large down payments can suck up too much capital all at once or simply be out of the question due to budgetary constraints. However, a properly furnished office space can go a long way toward attracting top employees and clients, so cutting costs on office furniture is not always the best option for some companies. And while used office furniture solutions can save a lot of money over buying new, the initial upfront costs can still be overwhelming if a business is placing a large order.

In these scenarios, renting office furniture can be a huge help as it allows businesses to make smaller monthly payments and spread their budget across other areas of their organization. So while a company does not “own” the furniture, they are still able to get the exact pieces they need while making costs easier to manage. Also, office furniture leases provide some tax benefits each year as they can typically be deducted as operational expenses for a business.

Cost-Effective for Rapid Growth & Relocations

In the coming years, Pittsburgh businesses are planning for expected growth or are seeing that growth as we speak. While forecasting can help, it’s tough to have an accurate handle on how that growth will materialize in the form of additional hires, extra space needed, and technological changes. This unpredictability can confuse decision makers when it comes to office furniture as the new workstations and cubicles, new conference and training tables, and other pieces they need now may not be best suited for them six months down the line.

Renting in this situation allows companies to adapt their office furniture to their changing needs instead of dealing with the constant churn of buying and selling back pieces. It’s a cost-effective option for companies in this situation and provides them with much-needed short term flexibility.

Additionally, renting is also a great option for businesses on short-term leases or subleases in the Pittsburgh area. Should a business move at the end of their property lease, the office furniture lease can be adjusted to better fit the new location of the business. And if you work with a reputable Pittsburgh office furniture dealer, the dissembling, moving, and reassembling process is handled for you.

Staying with the Latest Trends & Styles

Designs and trends change in the office furniture industry. And while having the newest styles isn’t a huge deal for most businesses, there are some larger organizations that value having the most up-to-date products under their roof. Similar to purchasing a new car, new office furniture loses a chunk of its value upon purchase, so it’s not cost effective for these companies to continuously purchase the newest styles of office furniture every couple of years. However, renting office furniture in this situation allows an organization to adopt the latest designs more frequently, maintain a modern work environment, and avoid the resale process with older pieces.

Leasing Office Furniture in Pittsburgh

Businesses looking to lease office solutions should be looking for a reputable office furniture dealer in Pittsburgh. While large manufacturers also offer leases, dealerships like OFW bring added value through office design and space planning services, delivery and installations, and ability to rent a wider mix of products to fit your budget including new, used, and refurbished office furniture. Additionally, when leasing from Office Furniture Warehouse, any problems that occur are completely handled by our in-house staff.

Not sure if purchasing or renting office furniture is right for your business? Contact us today and one of our representatives will help you determine the best option.