Over the past decade, ergonomics has taken on continued importance in the workplace. In a world that revolves around efficiency and productivity, it makes sense to invest in your workers to ensure they stay healthy and can perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

With the growing importance of employee wellness, ergonomic office furniture has become a focal point of decision makers when looking at revamping their office landscape. In Pittsburgh, tech startups and small businesses to larger corporations are looking at ergonomic solutions for their workplace.

The Benefits of Office Ergonomics

Ergonomic office furniture often has a very sleek, modern design; but aside from looks, they bring a variety of tangible benefits to the workplace. Three of the main benefits of investing in ergonomic office furniture and ergonomic office accessories include:

1. Boosted Productivity: Workspaces that minimize repetitive movements and lessen overall exertion are going to enable employees be more productive. Ideally, office furniture should promote good posture, keep employees comfortable, and eliminate physical stress as much as possible. By doing so, employees are able to focus and stay engaged with their work for longer stretches of time resulting in increased productivity throughout the workday.

2. Avoidance of Health Issues / Lower Costs: Over the past couple of decades, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have become increasing more prevalent, especially as workers spend more and more time at their office desks. In Pennsylvania, Carpal Tunnel is covered under worker’s comp and can cost business owners a lot of time and money should an employee develop the disorder as a result of work activities. New office furniture and ergonomic accessories can help keep these disorders at bay by promoting proper posture and technique in employees consistently in front of a computer screen.

3. Improved Work Culture: In its simplest form, ergonomic office furniture keep employees comfortable, and in turn, productive. When a business invests in their employees’ comfort and happiness via ergonomic solutions, it can boost office morale and lets staff know that their well-being is valued.

Choosing Ergonomic Office Furniture Solutions

Whether you’re looking to build new office workstations or implement ergonomic components to a few used cubicles, there’s an array of solutions available to business owners. Alongside the design and space layout of your office, the ergonomic office furniture solutions that you choose depend on several areas areas related to posture and positioning.

  • Arms/Elbows: When sitting, arms should be even with the desk, allowing your wrists to be comfortable while you work and type. When searching for office furniture, select desks between 27 and 29 inches, depending on preference, to ensure comfort. Adjustable keyboard systems and ergonomic desk accessories are also ideal for typing comfort at stationary desks.
  • Legs/Feet: While sitting, legs should be at a 90-degree angle and your feet should rest flat on the floor. New office chairs and used office chairs with adjustable heights, armrests, and even headrests are essential to ergonomics. Additionally, ergonomic office chairs oftentimes provide back support to promote and maintain good posture throughout the workday.
  • Eyes: While seated, a worker’s eyes should be even with the top third of the computer screen. The screen itself should be at an arm’s length to minimize strain on the eyes. Monitor arms and other mounts are ideal for achieving the proper height and distance while allowing employees to easily adjust when necessary.
  • Standing: Movement has become a hot topic in the workplace over the past decade. Workers themselves have become wary of the abundance of time spent sitting at their individual workstations resulting in poor posture, muscle weakness, and other health concerns. This has given rise to standing desks as well as height adjust benching systems which allow employees to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the workday.

Finding the Right Ergonomic Solutions

Understanding the need for ergonomic office furniture is a step in the right direction, but for most decision makers, researching, analyzing, and implementing the best-fit ergonomic office furniture solutions is a tall task. For businesses in the Tri-State area, a Pittsburgh office furniture dealer like Office Furniture Warehouse can work with you to simplify and manage this process.

As experts in the industry for nearly 20 years, Office Furniture Warehouse works with you side-by-side to determine your needs and find the perfect office furniture, including ergonomic solutions, for your organization. Whether you’re thinking about new or used office furniture, we’re able to work with any size budget. Get started with a free office design from one of our expert designers!