Employee productivity and comfort are heavily influenced by office design, layout, and space usage. Whether your company is redesigning your workplace or relocating, proper planning and attention to detail can help you create a more efficient, successful workplace with happy employees.

Interior Design, Décor & More

From an interior design standpoint, be sure to account for the following elements when planning the general look and feel of your office.

Colors – Studies show that bland neutral colors may actually harm productivity. Colorful office spaces stimulate thinking and creativity. Colors such as blues and greens tend to generate ideas where reds help with keeping attention and focus.

Shapes – Often overlooked, the shape of everyday items is shown to have an impact on employee productivity. Round or curved furniture helps employees think more creatively.

Decoration – Include decorations in the workplace that show personality and familiarity, but ensure the workspace is clutter-free to minimize distractions.

Temperature – Often a topic of debate in the office, people prefer different temperatures. Studies suggest setting your thermostat at 68°-76°F to make it the most comfortable for most employees.

Office Design, Layout & Space Planning

When planning a layout for your new office space, the way in which the space will be used is the most important consideration.

Smart planning saves time, but requires you think ahead and ask questions about the unique functions and individuals in your office. Your answers to these questions will help you design the most efficient workspace for your employees. Examples include:

  • Which people will work together most often? Seat people who do related work in the same area so they can accomplish their tasks efficiently.
  • Do they make frequent trips to the mailroom or to a different department? Make it convenient for workers to get to their most frequent destinations.
  • Do they spend a lot of time on the phone and need a quiet space? Place workers in proximity to the tools they need to be fully productive and give them an area where they can concentrate.

When thinking about your office layout, it’s important to find a balance between open office space and private spaces. In recent years, many newer offices adopted the open office concept that allows for employee interaction and idea sharing, but it’s not ideal for every workspace. Carefully consider the needs and personalities of your employees and aim to strike a balance between communal and private spaces where employees can focus or recharge. Coffeerooms with a few tables, cafés or lounge areas work well, and quiet workspaces can give some employees a much-needed area to concentrate.

Be sure to consult with your employees. It might sound obvious, but far too many companies design a workplace around what they “think” their employees want, instead of what is actually needed. While you may not be able to accommodate every request, it may still provide insight into a few important needs that would not have been addressed otherwise.

A cheerful, comfortable workplace will enhance creativity and employee productivity, and it all starts with proper office design and space planning. At Office Furniture Warehouse in Pittsburgh, we have an in-house team of designers experienced in helping businesses like yours put together the right plan with the right office furniture solutions. Contact us today to find out more!