Smart Technology & Office Furniture

It’s no secret that technology is rapidly shifting the landscape of every industry in our economy, and office furniture is no exception. From shifts in the way we think about office design and space planning to the physical integration of smart technology into office furniture pieces, we’ve already started to see changes take shape. With technology’s importance in the workplace only getting stronger, Kimball wants to see your vision of a technology/office furniture merge that can help solve workplace problems.


The Kimball DESIGN HACK, a smart furniture design competition, is challenging designers to transform the capability of office furniture by integrating smart, cutting-edge materials and technologies into it. The goal of each submission is to show how the use of technology in office furniture can help us be more productive, improve our work lives, make work more convenient, or help us solve other workplace challenges. Designers are encouraged to develop inventive submissions that could improve satisfaction, comfort, engagement, health, or well-being.

Design(s) (you’re able to enter more than once) should integrate technology and materials that transform the capability of the furniture. These materials and technologies can be known today or unknown at the moment.

Entry & Prize

This contest is being hosted on the Metropolis website and entries must be received by midnight EST on April 30, 2018. The winner, as determined by their panel of judges, will receive a royalty payment up to $30,000 with a minimum payout of $5,000.