What determines the kind of office furniture my business needs?

Finding the right office furniture for your business can become an overwhelming task with all of the different types, manufacturers, and design options on the market. But before diving deep into brands and pricing, it’s important to understand how new, used, and remanufactured office furniture could potentially fit with your organization. There’s a few key factors in play:

  • Number of workstations or seats needed
  • Budget
  • Desired look and design options
  • Space that your business is in or moving to (Class A, B, or C)
  • Environmental-friendliness

New Office Furniture

New office furniture is a fit for most companies who are looking to outfit their space with 25+ workstations, and there are several reasons for this. When dealing with more than 25 workstations, most Grade A and Grade B manufacturers begin to tack on discounts, making the price difference between new and remanufactured less significant. Also, businesses needing a greater number of workstations are typically looking for a wide variety of design options and the best build-quality to place in a Class A space (i.e. a high-end office downtown or a large campus). For these types of organizations, contract grade new office furniture like Kimball or Herman Miller is the best fit.

Remanufactured Office Furniture (i.e. “Refurbished)

Companies who are looking for 25 or less workstations are most likely going to find themselves deciding between remanufactured office furniture or used office furniture. Remanufactured is the best option for businesses in this range who are budget conscious, but still want a new looking product with new work surfaces, re-painted trim, and more. With remanufactured workstations, office chairs, and file cabinets, you’re able to get a Grade A workspace at about 10%-15% less than a new Grade B product. In addition to the cost-savings, remanufactured gives you the ability to customize design options for a personalized look – these areas include colors, laminates, glass, and more. Remanufactured is typically found in organizations in Class B spaces, especially those who are environmentally-friendly.

Used Office Furniture

Used office furniture is a good bet for companies who only need a small number of workstations or cubicles and are operating on a tighter budget. While some companies on this type of budget may think to look at new Grade C products from places like IKEA, Staples, and other retailers, used office furniture is where a better value can be found. With used office furniture from a reputable dealer, you can find a higher-grade product with a bit of wear and tear at a similar price that doesn’t come with the Grade C design flaws and short lifespan.

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