The average workplace has changed immensely over the past decade, and as a new generation enters the workforce, even more shifts in how space and office furniture are utilized will occur. With the added advancement of technology, workspaces are being used more efficiently than ever before.

Some of the expected office design trends in 2019 are new, while others build upon those that emerged over the past few years. However, they all attempt to improve employee happiness, boost workplace efficiency, or promote greener practices in the office. In this article, we take a look at four office design trends we expect to see in 2019.

Activity-Based Working

One of the most popular office design trends of 2019 is activity-based working, which is the idea that no employee has a permanent or assigned workstation. While cubicles and assigned office benching have been popular in the past, many companies are opting to use space a bit differently. Office design has already shifted toward the open plan, and activity-based working reflects that shift. In this format, activity areas are leveraged by employees to perform or adapt to certain tasks, such as learning, collaborating, and even socializing. This trend promotes more movement in the workplace.

Though activity-based working isn’t ideal for every business, it can be very beneficial. The most immediate benefit is that it results in a more efficient and adaptable use of the office space at hand. Instead of having rigid space guidelines for cubicles, space can be utilized to match the activity in question. In some scenarios, activity-based working can help cut down on office furniture costs while helping to improve efficiency throughout the workplace.

Experience-Driven Rooms

Although a competitive salary will never go out of style, workers are now driven by office perks more than ever before. As such, many office designs and space plans put increased emphasis on creating environments that boost employee happiness and overall wellness. This has resulted in a rise of experience-driven rooms that can be used by anyone, from interns to executives.

Experience-driven rooms can be almost anything, and they are only limited by the space allotted to them. Some popular examples include yoga/meditation rooms, coffee or tea bars, gaming areas, audio-visual rooms, gyms, and even rock climbing walls. These types of spaces give employees an outlet to relax and refocus which can be incredibly important to their overall productivity in the office. If an experience-driven room fits your office furniture budget, then it’s certainly something to consider.

A Nod to Nostalgia

Embracing the more aesthetic side of office design, the use of older spaces and nostalgic accents have been on the rise. An increasing number of businesses are choosing to build modern offices inside old buildings, injecting new life into a forgotten space. The result is an office design that highlights aspects of the older space – or perhaps even the original business – while adding a new identity to the fold.

Older buildings are full of architecture and craftsmanship that aren’t often seen in newer spaces. The juxtaposition of eras creates an appealing design that many find attractive, and saving an old building for a new purpose supports sustainable construction. For businesses that prioritize green practices, they may even choose to implement used office furniture or remanufactured office furniture in the repurposed space.

Color That Pops

In the past, offices were often plain, uniform, and serious when it came to color. Whether it’s the paint on the walls, the color of the office furniture, or the art and installations throughout the space, color now says a lot about the personality of a business. In 2019, expect to see office design focus on vibrant, bold colors that really enliven a workplace.

However, to ensure that the colors “pop” and are effective, they should be used somewhat sparingly. If every color is eye-catching, nothing really stands out. The goal is to strategically use bolder colors – perhaps your brand’s – to accent the office space.

Office Design and Your Business

For businesses in Pittsburgh thinking about an office redesign or dealing with a relocation project, talking with an expert can be incredibly beneficial to making your project run smooth. Whether you’re considering any of the design trends mentioned in this article or not, our office design team in Pittsburgh can help you begin planning the right layout and furniture solutions for your space. Request your own free office design from our in-house experts to get started!