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Jeff Schroeffel, the President of Pittsburgh Internet Consulting, is a client and one of our vendors. He had an informal home office that was being used by his wife, kids and himself for work and homework. The office was a hodgepodge of many different styles and pieces which resulted in an inefficient use of space, specifically limited storage.

Jeff contacted Office Furniture Warehouse to ask if the project was too small and to see if we were interested in outfitting a home office for him and his family. Our answer is “absolutely.” While we can handle the biggest corporate office furniture job, we often plan and design small offices for private homes and small businesses. Jeff’s goal was to maximize his workspace for the most surface area in order to accommodate science fair projects and kids crafts, while also allowing two people to work simultaneously.


Based on the project budget and the desire to use the space most efficiently, we quickly decided that new office furniture would be the best option here. This allowed Office Furniture Warehouse to build a completely custom design and use all available space. We sent one of our sales representatives to the house in order to see the space and confirm the measurements. At that point, we began to go through iterations on the office design.

Jeff and his wife wanted to maximize storage as well as have available space in the corner for their audio-visual equipment. We decided on two 3 drawer filing cabinets for each “desk” space as well as a storage cabinet with a closing door. This replaced all their existing storage and left the corner space open for their AV storage. Our design team went through three iterations of layouts before deciding on their final home office layout as shown on below.

From a design perspective, the Schroeffel’s were thinking they wanted a dark-wood countertop for the unit. Based on the size of the room and the unit, our team at OFW strongly recommended the white color and showed some pictures of both options. Jeff and his wife agreed on the color and were thrilled with the choice. The white on white look of the room makes it feel larger and lighter and will also be easier to keep clean than the dark surface. Start to finish, the project took about three weeks from design to order to installation. The install took about four hours for a two-man crew.

Commercial Grade Furniture for Your Home Office

With all our office furniture installations, our representatives work to get feedback from our clients. Jeff was thrilled with how easy and affordable the office was for him. He stressed how much less time the planning and install took than if he had done it himself. He also mentioned how much sturdier and well-built the product was compared to his other retail home office options.

Honestly, If I had tried to plan this with IKEA or another retailer, I would have probably had a full day of time into the design, additional hours into the pickup and delivery, and installation time staring me down at the end of the project too. Not only did I get stronger and better-looking furniture, but it also has custom cut-outs for my outlets and vents, great locations for cords and absolutely no hassle.
– Jeff Schroeffel

If you are thinking of a home office, compare our commercial grade furniture to the other options you are considering. If you are looking for something built to last, installed professionally, and custom planned for your space, our team can help.