Elliott Company:
New Office Furniture in Jeannette, PA

New Workstations, Conference Areas & More for International Business


Elliott Company is an international organization that designs, manufactures, and services turbomachinery across the globe. Their location in Jeannette, PA, just outside Pittsburgh, is home to their US manufacturing, engineering, and administration facilities. When Elliott Company was in need of a redesigned, updated office space that better suited their employees and company culture, they chose OFW to tackle the project as a result of our relationship with Kimball Office and reputation for delivering outstanding customer service.


Office Furniture Warehouse’s design team worked extensively with Elliott Company to model and plan all areas of their administration facilities. The new layout detailed all aspects of the redesign, including new workstations, huddle spaces, conference rooms, file centers, café spaces, and waiting areas.

Our design and space planning services helped Elliott Company make the most of their square footage and build a comfortable space for both employees and visitors. On this project, we utilized 680+ Kimball Office Xsite workstations and 1,000+ chairs from Allseating and Stylex in order to give the client a modern look while remaining functional. Leveraging our relationship with these manufacturers, the OFW team was able to procure, deliver, and install Elliott’s new office furniture smoothly and efficiently.

Whether your organization is looking to outfit 100s of employees with new workstations or find a few pieces on a smaller budget, Office Furniture Warehouse is here to help. We’re proud to serve businesses of all sizes in Pittsburgh, PA and beyond, and look forward to helping you find the right office furniture solutions.