Pitt Ohio Express:
New Office Furniture Pittsburgh PA

Office Furniture in Pittsburgh PA for PITT OHIO


Pitt Ohio Express and Office Furniture Warehouse have a longstanding relationship stemming from the Pittsburgh roots of both companies. Founded in 1978 and now employing 2,300+ workers, PITT OHIO offers Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), Supply Chain, Ground and Truckload services throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest US. The company strives to provide dependable services for their customers, help employees reach their full potential, and make their communities stronger.

Whenever PITT OHIO is in need of office furniture and office design services, they reach out to Office Furniture Warehouse to craft custom solutions for their business. For this project, the IT department was expanding, so new workstations and new office chairs were needed for additional employees.


PITT OHIO focuses heavily on treating their employees well, and that includes having an inviting office space that fits the needs of their workers. Staying true to their values, PITT OHIO wanted to welcome their additional IT employees with new office furniture in Pittsburgh.

The company emphasized the need for the IT team to have privacy, but also have a functional office that allows them to work together on projects when needed. Taking these needs coupled with their desire for high quality pieces, the OFW design and sales teams worked to provide them with several options that fit this criteria.

Kimball Office was the “go-to” manufacturer for this project, specifically using new Kimball Office Xsite Workstations and Kimball Wish Task Chairs to meet the client’s needs. The new workstations from Kimball were designed with employee independence and interaction in mind, making them perfect for this job. Xsite makes the most of wall and floor space, also having the ability to be easily reconfigured to future changes. OFW worked with the manufacturer to make the most of the design options, giving PITT OHIO a color scheme based on the company’s logo as well as frameless glass and metal accent panels.

The workstations were paired with new mesh back office chairs from Kimball as well. These Kimball Wish Task Chairs provide ergonomic support with a high quality design – the perfect match to the workstations. With small conference areas assembled with these workstations, we were able to provide PITT OHIO with new office furniture solutions that met the needs of their employees. After handling the procurement process, OFW delivered and assembled the office furniture in Pittsburgh at PITT OHIO’s corporate offices in the Strip District.

Customer Testimonial

“Pete and his team at Office Furniture Warehouse are a pleasure to work with. They worked with me to put together an interesting and comfortable design that fits the team environment and company branding here at PITT OHIO. The selections they recommended worked out great and the workmanship and communication throughout the process from Pete’s team were great!”
– David Wunderley, Director EIOS