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Do you have to remove or eliminate some or all of your existing furniture? Companies usually have one of three options, donate their furniture to charity, store their furniture in temporary storage, or sell their existing office furniture. Some choose to donate their furniture to charity for tax purposes. A sensible choice for some, but what about the headaches and hassles?

Most charitable organizations are not equipped to handle large amounts of furniture and/or speedy requests. Furthermore, these organizations do not have the manpower, equipment, and experience to knockdown and remove your existing furniture. Storing used furniture in the hope of finding some future use for it, is at best, a shot in the dark. Not only is it unlikely that the company will never reuse the furniture, it is and remains very costly. First, the company will have to pay a moving company to knockdown and move their existing furniture to a storage facility.

Next, the company will have a monthly storage bill for furniture that will never be used again. Why not turn your problems, costs, and time into dollars that your company could use today? Office Furniture Warehouse takes the headaches out your furniture removal. We offer a fair market value for your existing office furniture and have the experience necessary to handle any type of furniture removal.

If getting rid of your head aches and office furniture while increasing your bottom line sounds like a good idea e-mail sales@myofficefurniture.net or if you prefer to call us at (412) 331 – 6711.

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