Office Furniture Buy Backs

Getting Rid of Used Office Furniture

When purchasing new office furniture, companies usually have to either donate, sell, or store their old pieces. All of these options are time-consuming, expensive, and require moving the used office furniture. Depending on the size of the company, it can cost $50,000 or more to get rid of existing furniture with costs going towards movers, storage, and other expenses.


Business Office Furniture Buy Back Program

OFW customers are able to leverage our Buy Back program which helps them save on the costs discussed above while potentially receiving money to be applied to their business office furniture budget. Buy Backs are incredibly beneficial for organizations who are:

  • Relocating to a new office space
  • Upgrading existing office furniture
  • Environmentally conscious (i.e. don’t want the furniture trashed)

Saving Businesses Time & Money

Customers leveraging our Buy Back program save money while not having to deal with the time and management headaches that accompany the removal of their used office furniture. We handle the planning, liquidation, and transportation of the pieces while clients get to focus on more important events surrounding their business.