For business owners and decision makers, the process of scoping out an office furniture budget and determining the types of solutions needed for a workspace can feel overwhelming. And to add more complexity into the equation, there are various players in the industry that a company can potentially work with when purchasing products and/or redesigning the layout of their offices.

Dealerships, manufacturers, design-focused firms, moving and installation contractors, and more can come into play when trying to outfit a space. After working with Pittsburgh businesses for nearly 20 years, we’ve got a good grasp on the struggles and concerns that organizations face when they enter both the planning and purchasing process. One of the decisions that arises is whether an organization should work with a Pittsburgh office furniture dealer or buy directly through an office furniture manufacturer.

Services Set Office Furniture Dealers Apart

The main reason for working with a Pittsburgh office furniture dealer is service. Obviously, service is important for all businesses regardless of industry, yet there’s a wide gap in the breadth of service a company receives if they buy direct through a manufacturer vs. working with a dealership.

The office furniture dealer industry is completely structured around services and having a sole point of contact to manage everything from needs diagnosis to the actual purchase order and delivery of products. At Office Furniture Warehouse in Pittsburgh, we also provide our customers with office design and space planning services, installations, and repairs. We act as a partner to the clients we serve and handle any issues that arise even after delivery and assembly have been completed.

Manufacturers don’t provide this level of service. When businesses purchase direct, they oftentimes find themselves acting as a middleman trying to manage their order, the install process, and simply piecing how it all is going to come together. Additionally, if an issue arises with a piece of new office furniture, manufacturers will usually just direct you to a user manual instead of taking care of the problem directly.

Versatility of Offering

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned developing a budget, and it’s something that businesses need to adhere to during the office furniture purchase, setup, and liquidation process. When buying direct from a manufacturer, what you see is usually what you get when it comes to price (with some exceptions made if purchasing certain quantities of items).

However, a Pittsburgh office furniture dealer like OFW carries a versatile offering of items in various conditions, so options at every price point can be found under one roof. For companies on a smaller budget, used office furniture offers high-quality pieces at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Additionally, dealerships are able to leverage used solutions to drop the costs of new office furniture orders as well. For example, low traffic areas in an office space may not need brand-new items and could see some cost savings by implementing Grade-A used pieces in these places. Manufacturers typically do not have a wide variety of options across different price points available.

Also, Pittsburgh office furniture dealerships can usually handle the liquidation process in a cost-controlled manner (which can easily run organizations tens of thousands of dollars) and keep their total expenses within their office furniture budget.

Choosing the Right Office Furniture Dealer in Pittsburgh

It’s easy to see the benefits of working with an office furniture dealer in Pittsburgh, but decision makers are also tasked with evaluating which dealership to use. When vetting potential dealers, consider the following three things:

1. Make sure they are using in-house employees for their services
Some office furniture dealers in Pittsburgh contract services out (e.g. delivery and installation), which can hinder quality control and put you back in the middleman role. Make sure that the dealership you choose handles everything in-house, from office design to repairs.

2. Get feedback on their response time
The last thing a business wants in any partner is a slow response time. Read reviews online on office furniture dealers in Pittsburgh and ask for references to ensure you’ll get a speedy response whenever a question or issue arises.

3. Look for product flexibility
Pittsburgh office furniture dealers are always going to offer more versatility than buying direct, but that doesn’t mean they are all equally flexible. Take a tour of their storefront and ensure they offer a variety of products that can meet the needs of any size budget.

At Office Furniture Warehouse, we pride ourselves on meeting the requirements listed above and providing outstanding customer service to businesses of all sizes. If you’re currently tasked with making an office furniture purchase, relocating, or simply want a free office design for potential use at your organization, please contact us to speak with one of our representatives.